128 WP-Tonic: Black Hat SEO: What SEO Techniques Should You Avoid?

This week, we’re talking black hat SEO, and the outdated SEO techniques you might be using that will do more harm than good for your Google rankings.

Our panel this week:

Jackie D’Elia https://jackiedelia.com/
Jonathan Denwood https://www.wp-tonic.com
Sallie Goetch https://www.wpfangirl.com/
John Locke https://www.lockedowndesign.com/

We have some weekly WordPress news stories that we hit in the first half hour:

1 – ButterBean Post Meta Box Framework 1.0 Released

ButterBean Post Meta Box Framework 1.0 Released

2 – WordPress for Enterprise: Why Your Enterprise Business Should Use WordPress


3 – Why customers want WordPress Page Builders

Why customers want WordPress Page Builders

Show Table of Contents:
0:00 Intros
2:02 Weekly WordPress stories
2:05 Jason Tadlock releases ButterBean Post Meta Box Framework 1.0
6:40 Using WordPress for your enterprise business
17:20 Why do customers want page builders?
37:14 What are the crazy outdated SEO myths that people still believe?
38:10 Duplicate content / plagiarized content
38:40 Buying links / link schemes
39:30 Spam comments
40:00 Article spinning
40:15 Keyword stuffing / location + service keyword stuffing
42:25 Buying backlinks
44:20 Blog networks
44:46 Confessions of a Google Spammer https://inbound.org/blog/confessions-of-a-google-spammer
45:17 A link from a very reputable source can help your rankings
46:20 The meta keywords tag hasn’t been relevant in years
46:56 Over-optimizing a site with very little content will look like spam
47:37 Duplicate meta descriptions
48:10 People don’t want to hear that SEO takes time
48:40 Sallie’s awesome tagline «SEO Is not a condiment»
48:50 Rebecca Gill’s SEO Course
49:40 Internal linking also matters
51:12 How do you know who to trust when hiring a SEO expert?
52:00 Jackie has a great real-world story about how user experience makes a huge difference in SEO
55:15 You are optimizing your site for users, not Google
57:13 Google won’t make money if they don’t give people accurate results
58:40 Performance and mobile-friendliness are important for SEO
1:00:30 Some enterprise websites are still not mobile-friendly
1:01:25 We STILL don’t design websites for mobile-first
1:03:05 Wix is still the dirt worst for SEO and user experience
1:05:23 Podcast outros
1:07:18 Bonus content begins
1:07:28 Designers still struggle with tablet layouts and landscape mode, but have desktop and phone/portrait mode reasonably dialed in
1:10:09 Persuading designers and clients alike to evaluate mobile content early on
1:11:20 All about using Flexbox in web design
1:16:11 Using analytics to determine what browsers and devices you should support
1:17:10 Some deep insights about the differences in clientele between PPC/Adwords consultants and the average WordPress freeelancer
1:19:01 Why some businesses will spend 10k a month on AdWords but won’t invest a fraction of that in their website
1:20:53 The most dangerous SEO myth that exists out there
1:21:39 «If you were any good at SEO, you wouldn’t need to cold call.»
1:22:40 The one thing a good SEO company CAN guarantee
1:24:09 YouTube outros
1:24:59 Easter egg outtakes

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128 WP-Tonic: Black Hat SEO: What SEO Techniques Should You Avoid?

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