Affiliate Link Cloaking: How To Cloak Affiliate Links With WordPress Plugins

In this quick video we’ll look at how to cloak your affiliate links, why your should be using cloaked links, why not cloaking your affiliate links will lose you commissions

and most importantly how you can fix this really quickly and easily with a WP link cloaker plugin.

Why Affiliate Link Cloaking is important –

1. regular affiliate links are long, messy looking links that make no intuitive sense, making them unattractive to click

2. uncloacked affiliate links make obvious quite obvious that they lead off your site, which puts people off clicking the link

3. many people are now able to spot affiliate links and will then go look in that marketplace for the product so they can use their own link instead – which is how you lose your commissions

Cloaking your affiliate links using an affiliate link cloaker plugin makes it look like the link is to more content on your own site and increases the odds of you getting that click through and making the commission

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Affiliate Disclaimer:

Some of the links I share are Affiliate links – this means that if you make a purchase after clicking on the link I may receive a commission, although you don’t pay anything extra.

The purpose of my channel & Blog is to share the tools and techniques that I use in my online business, and affiliate programs allow me to generate some cash in the process.

I stick to things that I do & use myself, stuff that ‘does what it says on the box’.

If you do grab something through my link, then Thank You for your support!

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