Affiliate Link Cloaking Software is NOT Worth It – It’s an uphill battle

Is link cloaking worth it? I’ve heard stories of Facebook shutting down accounts within 5-10 days for affiliates who used black-hat cloaked links.

Facebook doesn’t want its users to have a bad experience, and cloaking a link just invites trouble for Facebook.

Personally, as an expert Facebook affiliate, I don’t use link cloaking. Reading stories online about affiliates who use it, I only see endless account shutdowns and «churn and burn» or «hit and run» strategies that are a waste of time and effort.

There is a better way…

★ Table of Contents ★
01:53 – link cloaking worth it?
02:13 – does Facebook like cloaking?
03:28 – sustainability
06:12 – a better way (white hat!)

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