Basics of SEO: Cloaking, Stuffing and backlinking | Shambhavi etc. | Modlingua

Basics of SEO: Cloaking, Stuffing and backlinking | Shambhavi, etc. | Modlingua

Shambhavi explains the concepts related to “STUFFING”, «CLOAKING» and «BACKLINKING». These are very useful concepts and techniques used by Digital Media Marketers. Some use them for better results, whereas some use them for creating a fictitious rise in the traffic of a website and get penalized by the google search engine. Shambhavi is supported by Prachi and Garvita who are facilitators of the talk. The presentation is done under the supervision of Mr. Ravi Kumar, Founder of Modlingua Group who is a well-known trainer for social media marketing, online marketing, digital marketing, and search engine optimization.

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