Bing Update, MSN Cloaking, Google Snippets & Community News – This week’s video is a bit longer than most, but that is okay, next week there won’t be a video recap. Bing seemed to update their search ranking algorithm this week. Google may have tweaked their MayDay algorithm? Google added better rich snippet error reporting and is now allowing markup for the breadcrumb URLs. Is MSNBot cloaking again? Google says using Google Translate to auto-translate your content is spam. Google added a new way to find subject specific blogs, it works well. Google continues to rank legally seized web sites. Yahoo began the paid search migration to Microsoft adCenter this week. Sending $65,000 on a web site should mean Google will like the site. How does Google rank which point of interest labels make it on Google Maps? Sphinn dropped voting, is that the end of the community? Inc magazine said Google cost a web site owner four-million dollars, but in reality, it was a link broker. SEO is more than what you read on blogs and forums, just know that. That was this past week at the Search Engine Roundtable.

[00:00] Bing Web Search Update? :
[01:20] Possible Google MayDay Algorithm Tweak? :
[02:20] Google Adds Better Error Reporting For Rich Snippets & Breadcrumb Markups :
[04:30] Microsoft Cloaking MSNBots Again? :
[05:35] Google Says Using Google Translate Can Be Against Google’s Webmaster Guidelines :
[07:20] Google Adds Blog Filter To Help Find Blogs On Subjects :
[08:50] Google Slow To Remove Legally Seized Sites? :
[10:25] The Big Paid Search Merge Begins: Yahoo to Microsoft adCenter :
[11:25] Just Cause You Spend $65k On A Site Does Mean Google Should Like Your Affiliate Site :
[13:35] How Does Google Maps Decide To Show Labels (Points of Interest)? :
[15:40] Sphinn Drops Voting & SEO Community Revolts :
[17:00] Google Cost A Business $4 Million or Was It a Link Curator? :
[18:35] SEO Is Deeper Than What You Read :

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