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Are you doing SEO? #BlackhatSEO or #WhitehatSEO? Let’s decide about this; watch this video complete by Imran Shafi on The Skill Sets and learn about #HowtoRankWebsite in Google naturally. Imran Shafi is teaching you about what is #SEO as well as what is Black Hat SEO and what is White hat SEO, to provide you guidelines for ranking website easily and quickly. Watch this video by Imran Shafi and learn about the importance of SEO and its overall role in the growth of your website.

SEO is great, if you do this wisely! With the help of strong and effective SEO – Search Engine Optimization, you can bring your website in the top results of Google against your desired keyword searches. SEO will give you long term benefits if you have done it according to the SEO guidelines of #Google. It can also destroy it if you did it against the Search Engines provided guidelines. So, always try to do white hat SEO instead of Black hat SEO. Let’s take a brief look on white hat SEO and Black hat SEO as well as which SEO is important to do to rank on the first page of Google and other Search Engines:

White Hat SEO

Search Engines provides you guidelines to do SEO to optimize your website. White Hat SEO is all about to do SEO by following Search Engine’s guidelines and policies. If you are doing SEO as Google said to do this, then you are doing white hat SEO. If you want to learn how to do white hat SEO for your website or blog, then visit the following link and get a professional SEO training:

Search Engine Optimization – How to do SEO in 2019 and onward:

Black Hat SEO

Some people try shortcuts to get ranked fast; they ignore search Engine guidelines, policies and directions for optimization their website in Google. If you are doing SEO without following Search Engine policies and guidelines, then you are doing Black Hat SEO. This goes beyond the Search Engine guidelines.

If you ask question about what SEO is important and beneficial, then simple and straight answer would be the White Hat SEO. When you are doing SEO, they always think about two things; user satisfaction and Search Engine. Don’t ignore even a single of them. White hat SEO will give long term benefits.

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