Black Hat SEO -Google Pay -Social Media LIVE 71 -5 Dec 18

Social Media Wednesday LIVE # 71 – on 05 December 2018. Topics Discussed:
1. Black or White Hat SEO Consultant
2. Embed Social media post on the website
3. Google Pay / Tez App
4. Paytm will now have to compete with Google Pay
5. Influencer Marketing
6. What to post? LinkedIn pages: New feature: Get Inspired by Content Suggestions
7. Tips on the Budgeting for Digital Marketing

Embed your “popular” social media post in the blog post in Blogger or on your website

“Black Hat SEO” refers to SEO efforts that directly violate Google’s Webmaster guidelines. Paid backlinks, cloaking, spamming – essentially any online marketing efforts specifically designed to unethically manipulate the search engine result pages (SERPS) are considered “Black Hat.”

“White Hat SEO” refers to internet marketing efforts that DO NOT violate Google’s Webmaster guidelines. High-quality original content, well-structured website coding, integration with social networking platforms – these are all “White Hat” internet marketing efforts.

E-commerce companies, how Tez you are? Tez means fast.
Google has collaborated with a number of India-based banks — including HDFC Bank, ICICI Bank, and Kotak Mahindra Bank, to offer “pre-approved” loans to customers “in a matter of seconds” through the Google app.

Takeaway Tip – when your campaign objective is about building trust and brand loyalty, working with carefully-selected influencers could be the best way to do organic marketing.

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Content Suggestions help you discover trending topics and articles to share with target audiences. Simply select your audience, explore what’s trending, and share selected articles.

Budgets establish discipline, and discipline is the foundation of quality work.

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Topics Discussed:
Google Pay
Silicon Valley
Budgeting for digital marketing
SEO Consultants – the colour of the Hat?

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