Black hat seo in detail ( hindi) || Good or Bad explained || jaldi website se paise kamane ka tarika

Black hat seo technique

Black hat seo technique, you probably want to know about black hat technique can help you to get traffic and if you get traffic you will make money.Black hat seo tricks help to make money in 2018-2019.

Before we dive in black hat seo tricks to make money i want to tell you these tricks will help you but only for very short period of time.

Black hat seo technique is very popular in newbie bloggers and website makers. most of the company use the black hat seo technique but in systematic way.

Now lets dive in and remember, please read that full article and my final words on black hat seo techniques.

In the world of seo google provide us some rules and we have to follow that rule and also as a blogger we have to maintain the quality of user experience .

we have some clear polices to follow.

High ranking require keeping up with the seo trends which is changing day by day.

On the other hand there are some people or we can say spammers who don’t follow any guideline of google and getting organic traffic in huge amount.

Spammers are basically use some shady tactics so they can rank high until google will catch them.

this is a Dark side of seo so if you really want to know about BLACK HAT SEO TECHNIQUE i am going to reveal every method in this article.

Cloaking is a part of black hat seo and this is one of the widely used and commonly used black hat technique to earn traffic through deception and everyone knows that more traffic ,more money.

Black hat seo technique -it is a widely used technique because of this technique you can get a lot organic traffic in no time or in less time.

cloaking you can find in movie websites,free stuff websites when you click you may have landed on the page which has no connection with your search.

You can make tons of money fast but only for a short period of time. Because google bots will find you and when they find you you will be penalized by google penguin.

Cloaking is a dishonest way of getting traffic in this author use 2 piece of content 1 for search engine for ranking and for google bots to crawl another 1 for users which is not a quality content.

see this for more deep if you want to consume video knowledge.


Article spinning or we can say publishing the content which is already published.

In other words in this authors or bloggers take the content from other websites manually or with the help of bots.

This technique only used by those bloggers who are lazy as fuck, those who don’t want to work hard.

They just copy content from other website and spin it manually or with the help of bots and publish it .

Now here problem starts when they use bots , when you search for spinning bots you can find tons of free spinning tools. but the problem with this is when the article spinning completed no human want to read that article.

Because the article is full of weird words and weird phrases because of they are prepared by bots.

Article spinning is mainly used for cloaking you can cheat google by showing them different content and also different content to the users.

It is also a part of black hat seo technique.

Keyword stuffing is best way to get traffic in past in 2000 and before that. This was the time when anyone can rank their website with just increasing keyword density in article.

Until google locate that high density keyword post is not give value to the user.

Keyword stuffing is one of the oldest black hat seo people practice on their website in this they just overload keywords in article so if any user search for that query and because you overload that keyword your website will be shown on top.

But in now a days keyword stuffing is not give much good result because it is one of the common and simplest type of black hat seo google can track it easily.

it is a part of black hat seo technique.

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