Black Hat SEO Link Building

In this video, Black Hat SEO Link Building Step-By-Step Tutorial to get Backlinks. I will walk you through 20-plus backlinks from a magnitude of different. Edu and. Gov websites. Every single back Link in this link building tutorial is going to be a exploit type backlink.

This video will cover the entire process from start until finish including how you can add the redirect URL to the back of a website. Black-Hat exploit type backlinks that are relatively hard to find in the search results however the Google search engine results page is not the primary index in fact this is talked about inside of the Alphabet Inc patent regarding indexation.

If you have any black-hat questions related to black hat search engine optimization «SEO» or if you have any future questions related to black hat link building or anything search engine optimization that I can help you with please feel free to go ahead and ask below.
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0:00 Black Hat SEO Link Building-Intro

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