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In honor of National Talk Like A Pirate Day today’s SEO (S-Sea-O?) tips and tricks are brought to you by Captain Black Hat himself.

Black Hat SEO Tip #1 Keyword stuffing – inserting keywords in awkward (or just stupid) places in the content in order to rank higher for that keyword.

Black Hat SEO Tip #1 Cloaking – Showing the search engine bots different content than the visitors to your website. This way they are able to put out shady content without penalty.

Black Hat SEO Tip #1 Content Scraping – Flat out stealing content from another website. That could be blogs, product descriptions, or written content.

Black Hat SEO Tip #1 Bait and Switch – This is when a site write adds some legitimate content in order to get that page ranking. When the page has enough organic traction, the administrators remove the legit copy and replace it with content that is not related to the original.

Black Hat SEO Tip #1 Buying Links – This is a practice that still goes on all the time. There are whole websites that cater to link buying. Link farms are a great place to access these illicit links. Google will figure out if your links are not legitimate.

Black Hat SEO Tip #1 Spamming – You have probably seen those comments in blogs that include a link to the commenter’s website. This is known as spamming. This practice is still in use.

Black Hat SEO Tip #1 Hidden text – This is not as useful anymore for black hat practitioners. This is the practice of making keywords or text the same color as the background in order to rank higher. It is a sneaky way to keyword stuff.

It should go without saying that NONE of these black hat SEO techniques have any value for small businesses whatsoever. Want to learn actual SEO techniques? Check out for all the real tips and tricks you need!

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