Black Hat SEO Techniques 2020

Black hat SEO techniques 2020 for fun. Scaling text also know as cloaking text or links is a form of black hat SEO and this is a technique that is used to add text to a website or a web page.

Demonstrated webpage to view HTML is: chrispalmermarketing /fun-with-black-hat-seo-cloaking
So why would someone want to hide text on a website or a webpage or why would a webmaster want to use a black hat SEO technique,
like the technique showcased in this video today ?

The reason is when hiding text like in these techniques you can add text to a webpage that will be crawled by Google or other search engines.
But it will not clutter or de-beautify a webpage that is being visited by a end user.

This is also a know technique for owners of websites or a group of websites also known as a PBN or private blog network .
when using or operating these types of networks ( PBN’s) you might not want to show all of the outgoing links on a web page because you want the site to be viewed as a normal website and not a PBN.

There are a few applications and use for this method / technique so I will cover scaling in this part one video of black hat SEO techniques and this today is covered scaling , or hiding text by the form of HTML and scaling down the text to very small.

If you have SEO techniques or black hat SEO technique questions local SEO or PBN questions digital marketing or affiliate questions even method or guide help along with strategy or strategies SEO help please feel free to sk in the comments below and thank you for taking the time to watch.
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