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Cloaking is not strictly a Black Hat SEO tactic. Of course, there is a Google Guidelines compliant way to use cloaking and the other way. Cloaking is a simple technique that allows to present a different page, depending on the user. Traditionally, it is use to present one page to the human user and another […]

** ** Most of the website owners are often tempted to try some of the widely-known black hat S.E.O techniques to improve their ranking when there is no increase in website traffic. It has always been a suspicion that adult websites won’t be penalized if they use black hat S.E.O techniques, but Google’s John […]

Today’s black-hat tutorial is a black hat SEO technique using parasites. This SEO technique is a method that has been generating leads along with affiliate sales for quite some time and I am happy to share this technique today. So I will walk through the entire process for you step by step so you can […]

Do you wanna listen to Googlers to spend a few years ranking your website? It sometimes takes a lot more and in most cases, it doesn’t provide any results. I’m pretty sure that you wanna sell now. White Hat SEO is a long game. Black Hat SEO is a risky game but a lot of […]

Understanding black hat SEO vs white hat SEO is an important part of food blogging. – Defining black hat SEO, white hat SEO and grey hat SEO – Avoid falling into the trap – Stick to reliable sources and services – Important SEO strategies to focus on – Transform the bad, old tactics into something […]

Aprenda como otimizar o seu site no Google com as Técnicas de SEO e obtenha os melhores resultados orgânicos para o seu Negócio Online. +++ Curso que Recomendo +++ Nesta continuação da aula anterior você aprenderá mais sobre o Black Hat SEO e o que você não deve fazer para ter seu site punido […]

How much risk can your SEO withstand? If you have your livelihood tied up in lead generation from your website, or if you have employees, screwing up your SEO can be devastating. If you use «black hat» techniques you risk getting a manual penalty from Google. Is the potential short term gain really worth the […]

In this video, I have explained in-dept on what is link cloaking and why it is important to cloak every link. This video is a bit lengthy but I have tried my best to explain it in a simple layman’s language. Link / URL Cloaking is important for every internet marketer but this is a […]

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