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In this demo, we will learn how to check links and cloaking files in Adobe Dreamweaver CS6.

LINK CLOAKING via .HTACCESS This Method of hyperlink cloaking is a little more dangerous or complicated. An htaccess file is a record on your net server or web host that provides one centralized region for specific directives or commands. The htaccess is really weird in that an htaccess document is literally named .htaccess with […]

Ranking first quickly on Google is the dream of any SEO. If you calibrate your keywords target, integrating the time factor, it will work. I recommend applying this strategy for ranking during 3 months maximum. Trying to rank longer than 3 months increases highly the risks for a Google penalty. I call this tactic « […]

See Full Exclusive Training Here: URL Cloaking Part 2 – Why Cloak Your URL? This is the 2nd video in the series about a great program that can help you set up and handle all your affiliate links in one destination, whether they be simple redirects, stealth redirects, promo splashers. Want to learn how […] – Cloaking is NOT illegal. In fact, its common, even among fortune 500 INCs. So, why all teh fear mongering? There is a lot more to learn here…

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If you tell Search Engines that you deliver X to customer, but you deliver Y in reality, then you’ve committed cloaking attack. That is, you’ve cloaked yourself under another veil for search engines, and by doing so, you’ve damaged their credit in misguiding their customers.

White Hat vs. Black Hat vs. Grey Hat SEO: What’s the Difference? Go to to schedule a 20 Minutes Digital Grow Session Black hat, white hat and grey hat S.E.O. How do they differ and what do they mean for your S.E.O approach? Find the answer here. Black hats and white hats were used […] Link Cracker. Did you know that using free short urls and redirection services (such as bitly, tinyurl and google) will actually damage your business and lose money in lost sales? Well, it’s very, very true! You see … the emergence of Twitter and social posting over the last several years has caused an explosion […]