Does FRESH CONTENT Help SEO? Is it Going To Increase Your CRAWL BUDGET? – SEO Conspiracy S01E19

To make sure that Googlebot can crawl your website without any problems, there is some stuff you have to take care about, like your web hosting. Do you have a great service or do you have one that costs you 2$/month with 200 other websites on the same server as yours?

What about the bots from Majestic&co? Should you block them? Should you let them in?

We talk about all this and much more in this video where the principal topic is Fresh Content to increase Crawl Budget, does it work like this?

As always, this is only our opinion.
Please don’t hesitate to share your point of view on the topics covered in this video.

I never take for granted the time you spend to watch our content.

The program of the SEO Conspiracy Podcast is the following:

Every Monday, Dixon Jones is my exclusive co-host for mythbusting. On tuesday, you can get your fix of Alternative SEO News. Wednesday is reserved for longer videos. With or without a guest, I will take the time to dissects Search Engine Optimization and Digital Marketing topics.
Thursday is reserved to talk about Semantic SEO and my strategy called the Topical Mesh. In a series of 52 videos, I lay out the complete plan. This is the most advanced free SEO tutorial in the World.
Friday is reserved for Q&A. I have tons of questions in stock, asked by my students and clients.
To start off the series, I will dig into this pool of SEO and Digital Marketing related questions.
To continue the series, please contact me (contact info in the about page on the Youtube channel) or via social medias (links below). Ask me any questions. My answer will be 100% BS Free Guaranteed or your money back.
During the week-end and sometimes during the week, live sessions will take place.
Among other ideas, I will be performing live SEO audits.

I want to help you achieve better results.
I don’t want to hold back anything.
I’ve always been known to lay it all out like it is.

There is way too much BS talk in the SEO industry.
Let’s cut throughout the noise to have a real conversation.

Thank you very much for watching
Laurent Bourrelly


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