EasyRedirect Script Setup Demo – Link Cloaking Software

Easy Redirect is a link cloaking script and this video shows just how quick and easy it is to set up and start using. And if you want a more detailed demonstration of how to use Easy Redirect just visit http://viewhere.info/erswebinar. The webinar is free to view and there’s no optin.

Link cloaking is especially important to affiliate marketers and helps to protect against commission theft. And when you consider that many affiliates are losing 43-78% of their commissions primarily because they are not cloaking their links this is a serious matter.

In other words, some affiliates could dramatically increase their affiliate income simply by using effective link cloaking.

You can cloak your affiliate links using PHP and HTML scripts. And once you know how it’s relatively easy to do but unnecessarily time-consuming.

The FREE webinar covers:

Why you should avoid using free URL shortening services and even paid services such as BudURL.

PHP redirects.

HTAACCESS redirects.

Meta Refresh redirects.

Javascript redirects.

Stealth redirects.

And more!

And, if all of this is a bit bewildering then all the more reason for you to watch this webinar — it will be a real eye-opener!

This FREE webinar also reveals a blackhat marketing technique that unscrupulous online marketers are using. And then it turns this on its head and shows how you can use the underlying principle of this technique in a WHITEHAT, totally ethical way to make more money in any niche. This tactic is pure genius!

Here’s the link again to watch this webinar — http://viewhere.info/erswebinar

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