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Digital Marketing Training – Organizations are realizing the value of reaching consumers through the digital medium. It’s no wonder that top companies are spending more than 50% of their marketing budget on digital, empowering customers to use social and mobile digital platforms to research and use the best products.

Professionals who can apply digital marketing techniques to ensure business continuity are in great demand. We at KnowledgeHut understand this and therefore bring you a course that breaks down digital marketing to its nuts and bolts to give a comprehensive overview of how to use it for business enhancements. From learning about strategy, market analytics, developing content strategy to understanding about email, search and social media marketing, our in-depth courseware with practical examples and case scenarios will give you the skills necessary to plan and launch successful marketing campaigns for business success.

Topics discussed:
00:12 Introduction
00:38 Course Overview
01:42 How the internet works?
07:58 Origins of Internet
11:14 Origins of Search Engine
16:30 How search engine works?
18:41 Functions of a Search Engine
21:36 SEO Techniques
26:27 Types of SEO
28:36 Off-Page SEO
31:00 Factors Impacting Google Ranking
35:10 Quality Guidelines
52:41 How to do On-Page SEO
01:03:01 Keywords Research Theory
01:08:00 SEO On page – How to do Keyword Research
01:45:30 On-Page SEO – How to write SEO Friendly Title?
02:04:07 How to write SEO friendly Meta Description?
02:14:08 URL Optimization
02:21:40 On-page SEO friendly Heading
02:25:49 Universal SEO
02:45:10 Local SEO
02:47:03 Search Console
03:13:33 Schema Markup
03:16:35 Factors for UI/UX design
03:19:05 Steps to optimize your website
03:25:56 Off-Page SEO

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