Google Ad Exploit, Black Hat Tools, Search Console Updates & Chrome Warning – This week in search I covered one possible answer for how the AdSense and AdWords exploit happened, but Google denied it. Google called algorithm checking tools black hat scrapers. Google confirmed internal and external links are scored differently. Google added more data to the structured data report. Google’s data is 5 days behind now in Google Search Analytics. Google sent Chrome warnings for forms on HTTP via Google Search Console. Google explained how to block your staging server from Google. Google now says they do care about last modification date in the sitemap file. Google says URL structure is not so important. Google explained three reasons why your rich snippets might not show in search. Google said you have more control with code markup over the data highlighter tool but both are equivalent in level of importance. Google said you can direct GoogleBot to a faster server, that is not cloaking. Google counts URLs in different sitemap files differently. Google is showing more local packs internationally. Google Maps broke the ability to write reviews for four hours. Google’s question and answer feature in local is live. Google’s limit in the fetch as Google tool is 10,000 pixels. Google added an AMP testing tool in search. Google voice now understands 119 languages. That was this past week in search at the Search Engine Roundtable.

Details On The Google AdSense/Ad Buyer Exploit :
Google Calls Algorithm Monitoring Tools «Blackhat Scrapers» :
Google Confirms They Score Internal & External Links Differently :
Google Search Console Structured Data Report Gets More Details :
Google: Google Search Console Data Delayed & Slower Than Normal :
Mass Google Search Console Emails: Chrome Will Show Security Warnings :
Google On How To Block Your Staging Server :
Google: We Care About URL & Last Modification Date :
Google: URL Structure Not So Important For SEO :
Google: Three Reasons Your Rich Snippets Aren’t Showing In Search :
Google: More Control With Markup vs The Data Highlighter Tool :
Google: On-Page Markup & Data Highlighter Signals Are Equivalent :
Google: Directing Users & GoogleBot To Fasters Servers Is Not Cloaking :
Google: We Count The Same URL In Different Sitemaps Separately :
Report: Google Showing More Local Packs Internationally :
Google Maps Reviews Breaks For 4 Hours Yesterday :
Live: Google Question & Answer Feature In Local Results :
Test: Fetch As Google Stops At 10,000 Pixels :
Google Adds AMP Testing Tool Box To Search Results :
Google Voice Recognition Now Supports 119 Languages :

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