Google vs. JavaScript – What’s the Score in 2019?


On August 23, 2019, Onely’s CEO and all-around JavaScript SEO expert Bartosz Goralewicz was invited to do a presentation at Web Zürich. The subject was «Google vs. JavaScript – What’s the Score in 2019?» and it covered a wide variety of JavaScript SEO issues.

🔗If you’re interested in the deck, you can access it here:

0:00 – Martin Splitt introduction
1:16 – Bartosz Goralewciz starts the presentation.
2:18 – «Today I want to talk about JavaScript SEO…»
4:10 – JavaScript SEO is still massively misunderstood in 2019.
4:40 – is not indexed in Google.
7:23 – The problem with Hulu.
12:09 – How HTML and JavaScript work.
13:04 – Crawler Budget Experiment 2017.
19:29 – Crawler Budget Experiment 2019.
21:19 – % of JavaScript content not crawled after 10 days.
21:56 – Black Hat and cloaking.
23:31 – Netflix vs. Hulu.
24:24 – The Big Bing Theory.
25:09 – Choose the right JS framework.
25:43 – The Rendering Pyramid
25:53 – Hybrid rendering is best.
26:13 – Bartosz finishes.
26:24 – Martin Splitt talks about Bing.

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