Google Webmaster Notifications Mostly Black Hat, Google’s Dozens Of Tests & AdSense Appeals – This week at the Search Engine Roundtable I give the monthly Google webmaster report. We also discuss how Matt Cutts told us that most of the webmaster tools notifications are black hat related and only 3% are link related. Google told us that each time a user uses Google, a dozen or more experiments are being shown to that user. Google said invalid URLs don’t hurt the site generally. There may be a Google Image Search update underway. Google AdSense improved the appeals and banning process. Google added arrows to AdSense desktop ads. Google improved ad blocking allowing site level blocking. Google+ launched communities. Finally, this is the 9th year I am covering search at the Search Engine Roundtable.

December 2012 Google Webmaster Report :
Only 3% Of Google Webmaster Tools Notifications Are Link Related :
Google: A Searcher Sees A Dozen Or More Google Tests Per Day :
Google: Invalid URLs Generally Don’t Hurt Your Rankings :
Google: We Are Revamping Webmaster Tools Notifications :
Google Image Update Reports Continue :
Google’s AdSense Banning & Appeal Process Get Better :
Google AdSense Brings Arrows To All Ads :
New: Google AdSense Site Level Blocking :
Google+ Communities Goes Live: I Get 50+ Community Invites :
9 Years Covering The Search Industry :

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