Google Won’t Admit To Update, Bing Webmaster Guidelines, Twitter Cloaking & Happy Thanksgiving – Happy Thanksgiving weekend everyone! This week there was a tremendous amount of chatter and signals pointing to a Google update but Google won’t admit to it. They did say a Panda update will happen later next week, probably. There may have also been an image update at Google Images. Bing has their own Webmaster Guidelines now. Google says it shouldn’t take more than a couple weeks for a reconsideration request response and then details the four types of responses Google typically sends out. Google’s Matt Cutts said going HTTPS should be fine now. Twitter is cloaking out TweetDeck to point Google to Twitter. Google’s OCR technology on PDFs is far from perfect. Google’s new top navigation is now global. We have the Thanksgiving Day logos but Yahoo forgot theirs. That was this past week at the Search Engine Roundtable.

Google Won’t Confirm Weekend Update But Says Panda Coming Soon :
Was There A Google Panda Refresh? #22 :
Google Image Search Ranking/Indexing Update? :
Bing Now Has Webmaster Guidelines :
Types Of Google Reconsideration Requests Responses :
Google: Feel Free To Go HTTPS With Your Site :
Is Twitter Cloaking TweetDeck For Google? :
Google Search Result Typo Or SEO Error? :
Google’s Top Down Navigation Design Going Global :
Happy Thanksgiving Day : Logos From Google & Bing But Not Yahoo :

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