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How to Cloak Your Local Business Website Links

Sometimes you may need to cloak your local business website links. For those of you who are not familiar with cloaking, it simply means to edit your links so that they are hidden. You may wonder why you may need to hide your links. Here are a few reasons:
• Sometimes your links may be too long and this may put off people from clicking your link. Here is an example of a long link:
www.jacksplumbingcompany/ plumbing-systems/kitchen/
• Your link may just be ugly and look complicated. This is especially true for affiliate links. If people don’t like your link, they will avoid clicking it and this will nose-dive your conversions on sales or opt-ins
• If you have signed up to an affiliate program, leaving your affiliate link the way it is can provide an opportunity to hackers to change the link and put in their affiliate names so that they get commissions on all the sales that you make. Cloaking your link will protect you from internet theft.
• Sometimes you have limited space to post your link so a shorter link works better. Think of how much space you have in a Tweet, in a Google Ad, in a forum or group post, an RSS feed or even a mobile text message. Cloaking your links helps you to get around the problem of space

So how do you cloak your local business links?
You can cloak your link using link shorteners- these are sites that take your long and complicated URLs and turn them into shorter, more attractive ones. Examples of link shorteners include, and TinyURL

1. You can cloak your link with random text up to about 25 characters so your link may look like this-
2. You can also cloak your link using a customized text such as http://plumbingreviews. This makes it easy for viewers to remember your links and to identify them with your company amongst all the other links they are clicking on.

The additional advantage of using link shorteners is that they also provide tracking services for your links so that you are able to know how many people clicked on your links, when they clicked on them, the ones they clicked on most and other information that will help you improve your internet marketing.

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