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HTACCESS Link Cloaking
How to HTACCESS Cloak Affiliate Links with AffiliateSwitchblade Software

This video shows how to easily cloak affiliate links or long urls using .htaccess link cloaking methods.

htaccess link cloaking is a great way to cloak affiliate links for two reason:

– you can store and unlimited number of link cloaks
within the single file for easy management and editing.

– the url that makes up the affiliate/long link
(the link website visitor clicks) does not even have to
be a real directory or page on your web server.

To create htaccess cloaked links with Affiliate Switchblade:

[1] input the url of the affiliate link you want the website
visitor to see.

[2] input the affiliate/real link.

[3] press the Go button.

[4] continue with steps #1 – #3 until you are done adding
all your affiliate links.

You can continue adding an unlimited number of links to cloak. When you are done either copy contents of the output window to clipboard and save in notepad and then save as .htaccess or just click the Save HTACCESS as… button. You can download AffiliateSwitchblade affiliate software at – Giant Array of Affiliate Marketing Software Tools including Link Cloaker, Content Spinner, Account Creator, Disposable Email and much more!

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