John Mueller from GOOGLE says NO to BLACK HAT SEO on Adult Websites

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Most of the website owners are often tempted to try some of the widely-known black hat S.E.O techniques to improve their ranking when there is no increase in website traffic. It has always been a suspicion that adult websites won’t be penalized if they use black hat S.E.O techniques, but Google’s John Mueller thinks diversely about this.

Mueller recommends that every website owner should stick to the Google guidelines when it comes to S.E.O but many of the website owners are still using black hat techniques. It’s worth knowing that there are serious consequences if you use techniques outside the Google guidelines which can lead you to get caught sooner or later.

The most popular black hat S.E.O technique used to quickly rank an adult website is “Keyword Stuffing”. For regular websites, keyword density should be within 1% to around 3%, neither more nor less than this. Keyword stuffing can give pretty good and quick results but it’s one of the techniques that’s most used around the world which can be quickly found and penalized by Google.

One of the other techniques is “Buying Backlinks” which is widely used for the adult niches but it is very difficult to get quality backlinks for adult websites. Many webmasters think that buying backlinks is a good idea but as they should know Google always works on improving their security and algorithms constantly. So, it’s pretty obvious that buying backlinks will backfire almost every time.

The problem with this technique is that people buy hundreds of backlinks from websites that aren’t in the similar adult niche and it would be clear to anyone that an adult site link appears on a gardening blog or pet care website.

Cloaking: Cloaking is probably one of the worst S.E.O techniques you can do. It’s basically serving two different URLs for the same page i.e you can show the search engines what they want to see and show visitors a different type of content. It’s a common black hat technique for adult sites, but one of the riskiest ones as well.

Negative S.E.O: Negative S.E.O is one of the S.E.O techniques that doesn’t have anything to do with the site you want to rank, but it focuses on bringing down the rankings of your competitor websites. Google has significantly improved its algorithms to ignore these kinds of cyberattacks, so it’s also important to check your links from time to time.

If Google finds out that you’ve used black hat techniques and violated the terms of service, the worst thing that could happen is that it can lead to much lower search rankings, and can even lead to the website disappearing from search results altogether.

Black hat techniques have a short-term effect on the search rankings. So, is it really beneficial to rank your website for a few weeks or months after which you’ll most likely get penalized? The answer will always be, NO.

John Mueller has emphasized that these black hat techniques are bad for any type of website and it will be much more harmful than helpful. He also recommends sticking to Google’s S.E.O guidelines to get the best results.

Even if Google doesn’t find out about the use of forbidden techniques, visitors can notice that the content isn’t what they were searching for and the analytics will show that they aren’t finding exactly what they were searching for.

In the end, it doesn’t matter what kind of website you own, you will surely get penalized by Google if you use forbidden black hat S.E.O techniques for better rankings and quick results.

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