Josef Sperzel On Using Python For SEO Gains & Technical SEO

Josef Sperzel (@josefsperzel) when I interviewed him he was the VP Director of SEO at Mediahub, which is part of MuellenLowe Group. He since switched jobs and is now the Group Director of SEO at Horizon Media where I interviewed Ryan Clutter in our first vlog.

(5:40) – Python To Help With SEO & Analytics
(6:44) – Technical SEO Challenges
(9:42) – Site Architecture & Spider Crawling

Mediahub is a real one-stop-shop where they can do it all, not just build the site but also bring it traffic and conversion. The logo of the agency represents all the services that the company provides and you do not need to hire the agency to do all of those services but you can if you want.

He got into SEO about ten years ago in his late 20s, some of that was a big black hat. Then he got into agency life and has been practicing white hat SEO since.

On the technical SEO, he likes how you can use Python to bring in data in a streamlined way. Using this data and scripting things to help with your job is important and he is right.

Josef said he has inherited some sites that lost all visibility due to technical changes. He said it is always better if they can build the site from the ground up because doing SEO from the onset is important. He said the current client base, if he had a choice, he would love to rebuild 30% of those sites from the ground up. We talked about those old CMS platforms, how horrid they use to be in the early days.

He gets calls about “sprinkling on” the SEO after the site is built and that is not how it is done.

We then briefly talked about the pros and cons of international SEO.

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