Keyword Stuffing: What is Keyword Stuffing? How to Avoid It? – SEO Tutorial

In this video, We will talk about Keyword Stuffing. What is keyword stuffing and why you avoid that?
So, here we go!

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Keyword stuffing is the over-repetition of a keyword within a web document. It occurs when you try to optimize the page through keyword density.

This particular technique, therefore, consists of making a page heavier by writing lists of keywords or texts overloaded with these words. The lyrics, as you can imagine, are unnatural and, in most cases, meaningless.

If keyword stuffing aims to improve the ranking of a site, in reality, Google does not look favorably on these behaviors, especially because they worsen the user experience.

00:00 Keyword stuffing
00:48 What is keywords stuffing?
01:32 Keywords stuffing examples
02:10 What are the common techniques that use for keyword stuffing?
03:40 Keyword density checker tools

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