Learn How to cloak affiliate links for free in 2020 | Link Cloaking tutorial

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* What is Link Cloaking
* How to cloak affiliate links for free in 2020 – Tutorial
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Affiliate Link Cloaking is a process of shortening and makes appealing of ugly looking links. It helps in affiliate marketing. Because normally the affiliate links will be ugly looking. Hence the visitor may think it as a phishing URL. To increase the click-through rate (CTR), it is a best practice to cloak affiliate links.

It is not only for affiliate links whereas you can use it for your social media accounts URLs. For example, my Facebook page URL is https://www.facebook.com/LifeMasteryPartners. I cloaked this link and generated https://www.lifemasterypartners.com/facebook. It looks more authoritative as the URL has my domain name.

If you use affiliate links without cloaking to promote affiliate products, the visitor may think of it as phishing. It will affect your conversion. That’s why many bloggers and affiliate marketers use link cloaking.

First will we click on such links? No right? So how can we expect others to click on it?

Okay. Now you can ask me how to cloak links. we can do it using a WordPress plugin called pretty link. it comes with a PRO option as well. For cloaking, the FREE lite version is more than enough.

Pretty Link

Go to WordPress dashboard – Plugins – Add New and then search for Pretty Link. Once you found the plugin, install and activate it.

It also has a tracking feature. which helps us to know how many visitors clicked our link and how many of them are unique.

Now let me show how to cloak our links with the pretty link. Pretty link uses redirect mechanism in cloaking. Click pretty links from your WordPress dashboard navigation left sidebar.

Steps to cloak a link

You can see a button with the name of Add New. Give a title name for this cloaking

Target URL (Ugly looking Affiliate link in our case)
Pretty Link (Give as an extension of your domain ex. www.lifemasterypartners.comfitness)

That’s it. Now we successfully cloaked our affiliate link. In the Pretty Link dashboard, you can see under clicks tab number of clicks for the particular link and how many of them are unique. It is really helpful to know how our affiliate link works.

You can see more options in Pretty Link – Options section. You need to make sure to enable tracking and enable no follow options are checked. By default, these are enabled.

Enable tracking helps us to show the stats of our affiliate links such as the number of clicks and unique clicks.

Whereas enable no follow option tells the search engine, not to index and rank the outbound link. There are few other plugins that are also available for affiliate link cloaking. This the one I am using for my affiliate links and I recommend the same to you as well.

Benefits of cloaking affiliate link

1. Increases Click Through Rate (CTR)

2. Makes affiliate links appealing

3. Gives more authority to your domain as we create links using our domain URL

4. Provides statistics about clicks

5. Increases Conversion which helps to close more sales


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#Learn How to cloak affiliate links for free in 2020 | Link Cloaking tutorial

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