This Method of hyperlink cloaking is a little more dangerous or complicated.

An htaccess file is a record on your net server or web host that provides one centralized region for specific directives or commands. The htaccess is really weird in that an htaccess document is literally named .htaccess with nothing in front of the dot.

Doing an htaccess cloak is an easy rely of including one basic line to this file. You Should Definitely save/backup a replica of the .htaccess record on your server now just in case.

Methods To do cloak/redirect by way of htaccess:

STEP #1: In Case Your site has an .htaccess (root directory) download it.
STEP #2: Make A Copy of this report so the one you simply downloaded serves as your backup.
STEP # 3: If there isn’t any .htaccess to your web server then open a blank notepad. Do Not USE WORDPAD OR HTML EDITOR.
STEP #4: Insert the road of text into the document as proven in the photo below. In The snapshot under there at the moment are four affiliate hyperlinks cloaked – one in keeping with line.
STEP #5: Make Sure The report is saved Exactly as .htaccess with nothing in front of the dot.

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