Link Cloaking – The Best Link Cloaking Software Around


Introducing the Easiest Way to Instantly Cloak, Track And Manage All of Your Affiliate Links And Prevent Lost Commissions.

This Link Cloaking software is by far The Best Link Cloaking Software Around.

Eclipse Link Cloaker is a WordPress plugin that can automatically cloak all of your affiliate links anywhere on your site. It gives you a lot of control over which links get cloaked, lets you track click statistics to find the best performing links, offers several sophisticated cloaking techniques, and more.

Prevent lost commissions by creating cloaked links that conceal your affiliate code. Some visitors don’t trust affiliate links and will remove you affiliate ID before visiting the site in question. Some dishonest individuals will even go so far as to replace your code with their own and steal your commission. Eclipse Link Cloaker will completely eliminate this problem and save you money by automatically converting all the long and ugly affiliate links on your site to short, elegant cloaked links.

Improve your earnings by tracking which cloaked links perform well and which need to be modified or replaced. Thanks to the unique Google Analytics integration feature available in this plugin, you will have unparalleled insight into who, when and why clicked on your links. For those who can’t or don’t want to use GA, a simple built-in click tracker is also included. Conversion tracking is also supported.

Save yourself time by automatically applying various customizations to all of your links at once. Want your cloaked links to open in a new window? Want to switch the cloaking type from “redirect” to “show in a frame”? How about automatically no-following all the cloaked links to stop search engines from following them? All of that is possible with just a couple of clicks.

Discover the untapped potential of your site by automatically turning keywords into affiliate links. With Eclipse Link Cloaker, you can assign one or more keywords to a cloaked link and have the plugin automatically and instantly convert all instances of those keywords it finds on your blog into links.


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