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Cloaking your links is essential if you’re an affiliate marketer, and not because you’re trying to hide the fact you will earn a commission if someone purchases.

The contrary is true. By U.S. law, you must disclose somewhere that you’re an affiliate and will be earning a comission. This is usually done on a terms of service page, which is a separate page on your site.

The reason to hide your affiliate link is 2-fold.

First, cloaking your link will prevent other unscrupulous marketers from stripping your own link out of the URL and replacing it with their own. This, in effect, will give THEM the commissions.

Second, you do it for trust. In today’s online environment, people are hesitant to click on links they don’t recognize – especially if the link contains a string of numbers and characters. Righty so. Clicking on an unknown link risks downloading a virus to your computer.

Therefore, cloaking your link and replacing your affiliate link with a URL that your customer will recognize is a really smart move.

Although there are many link cloakers on the market, my favorite, and the one I’ve been using for many years is Adtracks Gold.

It’s super easy to use and will let you cloak every link you publish to the world and even track your sales.

Check out the video to learn how easy it is to cloak your links using Adtrackz Gold.

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