Link Cracker – Affiliate, Redirect & Link Cloaking Software PROVEN To … Reach More Buyers Link Cracker. Did you know that using free short urls and redirection services (such as bitly, tinyurl and google) will actually damage your business and lose money in lost sales? Well, it’s very, very true!
You see … the emergence of Twitter and social posting over the last several years has caused an explosion of short url services and 9 out of 10 are free. What happens when you make a service free? … it gets abused by spammers and over zealous affiliates.
The end result is that these once valuable domains end up blacklisted as sources of spam and get accused of spam on the social networks which means anything containing the blacklisted domain will see its delivery rates plummet by over 30%.
Which results in lost sales, especially if you use email as part of your marketing strategy. Most online marketers are not aware of this, but you don’t have to worry as I have found the perfect solution. Please check out Link Cracker, it’s a proven software solution which solves this devastating problem for you…
If you use a ‘shared’ url or redirect service you will increase your sales and conversions by using your own domain .. Why? Please read on to learn more…Just one of these invaluable features will pay for itself over and over again as Link Cracker boosts your ability to reach more buyers and increase optins… Did you know? … that over the last few years the immense popularity of sites such as Twitter and Facebook have created a stampede for free (and paid) Link Cloaker, short url and redirect services?
Of course you did, you only have to be online to know this! However, the little known secret is that behind the scenes … the use of these ‘shared’ services by tens of thousands of users (and spammers) is actually damaging YOUR business and costing you money!
All of these services get used by spammers and even responsible business owners and affiliates will make social posts and links which, perhaps through no fault of their own result in spam complaints which in turn damages the respectability and deliverability of the ‘shared’ URL being used.
Above all … what’s the first thing you think when you see a ‘shared’ url in your emails? You think either spam or that the sender wants to sell you something so you delete the email!
Just look at the spam arriving in your inbox and spam folder, a high percentage will use a free or ‘shared’ url service.
Do you really want to be associated with the same group of spammers and overzealous affiliate marketers by using these ‘shared’ services?
With Link Cracker you can now raise your game by using your own respected domain, ensure more emails are delivered, opened and clicked whilst increasing YOUR brand awareness!

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