Make $1,000 a Day With Black Hat SEO (Easy 4 Step System)

Hey SEO Pros, here’s my favorite Black Hat SEO method that you can start using without getting penalized.

Before we get started though make sure you go check out the workshop that I did with Paul James:

Here’s the easy four step system that we’re covering today:

[00:00:00] – Intro
[00:01:53] – Find low difficulty
[00:04:45] – Verify home address
[00:07:10] – Create a blog with low tip count for subject
[00:08:20] – Ask for reviews
[00:08:32] – How to make a Blog
[00:10:12] – Outro
Here is the keyword tool I mentioned:

For the bonus I promised here is the free local SEO checklist:

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