Masterclass: Rank on Big Money Events – Part 1 of 3

Part 1 of 3 – Join our exclusive SEO master class and learn the secrets to ranking when it really matters. This is a rare opportunity to learn from two of iGaming’s most respected SEOs, where they will cover winning offers and promotions that drive acquisitions and tactics to optimise your search campaigns for specific events and strategies on planning ahead to achieve maximum ROI. Having the strongest and most accurate metrics for campaign tracking, practical tips, including advice on how to make money now. Session Highlight: Google said it was the “biggest betting event ever”, discover the simple ‘7 step event strategy’ and learn how these SEO veterans made a fortune on the World Cup when it mattered most.

Paul Reilly, Head of SEO, Stickyeyes
Nick Garner, Head of Search and Social Media Acquisition, Unibet

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