New Years 2011: Cloaking Google, Stars In AdWords & Search Ranking Bugs – In this special New Year’s Eve 2011 edition of the Search Buzz Video recap, I cover the most exciting topics of this past week. Google’s Matt Cutts sent confusion through the industry with his 135 character tweet about cloaking, what does it all mean? We spotted Stars, technically, HTML entities, in AdWords Sitelinks. Google had a ranking bug which took them over five months to fix! AdWords agency support has changed and some advertisers like it. Blekko lets you track down your competitors via AdSense publisher ID. Google is sending payment notifications to AdSense publishers. Google’s exclusivity over their PageRank patent might go away in 2011. Google discussed mobile site SEO between classic mobile sites and fancy mobile sites. An AdSense publisher got greedy, cheated Google and got booted and then blamed Google. Google donated $20 million this year to charities. Why are SEO events so important? It is about the community. I have the New Years logos from Google, Yahoo, Bing and others. Have a happy, health and successful 2011! That was this past week at the Search Engine Roundtable.

Google To Target Additional Cloaking Techniques:
Stars In Google AdWords Sitelinks :
Took Google 5 Months To Fix A Ranking Bug :
Google AdWords Agency Support Changes Now In Place :
Use Blekko To Find Your Competitors Sites Via AdSense Pub ID :
Google Sending Payment Notification Emails To AdSense Publishers:
Google PageRank Becoming Non Exclusive, At Least The Original Patent Document :
Mobile Sitemaps: Only For Those Older Mobile Sites, Not New Ones :
Google AdSense Publisher Gets Greedy, Then Banned & Then Complains :
Google Donates $20 Million To Charities For 2010 Holidays :
SEO Events Help Seal The Legitimacy Of The Industry :
New Years 2011 Logos From Google, Yahoo, Bing & Others :

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