Off Page SEO and Link Building Tutorial

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Off Page SEO and Link Building Tutorial

Off page SEO pertains to the techniques that can be utilized to enhance the position of a site in the internet’s search engine results page. Our main goal is to make our site famous and have traffic on it. On these video and article, I will be sharing my tactics for Off-Page SEO and Link Building.

Let’s first talk about its history. The first Google computer, thanks to Larry Page and Sergey Brin, gives such good quality search results. Off-Page SEO has to do with promotion methods – more than that of a website design, with its purpose to rank the website higher in search results. Moreover, it focuses to activities outside the boundaries of a specific site.

Page Rank

In connection to this, page rank is the most popular off-Page SEO method. PageRank is a calculation used by Google Search to rank sites in their web search engine results. PageRank was named after Larry Page, one of the organizers of Google. PageRank is a method for measuring the significance of site pages. It is not about getting as many links as possible, it’s about as getting high quality links as possible. So if you can get a site such as a government site, or high PR new sites, that’s more valuable that getting a random site. Wikipedia for example, since it is a reputable source, there are so many links coming to Wikipedia, so Google ranks Wikipedia style pages on higher hierarchy than it does on other sites.

Here are the secrets on how to do it properly:

What the Site is About

You have to make sure what the site is about, it all depends there. You have to make sure that the link should really relate with your site. If your site is all about dancewear, you have to get a link from a site – that website better be dance related. I mean, it doesn’t exclusively have to be but it’s more valuable if it is. If your site is dance related, getting a dance related blog is more valuable than getting a random food blog or photography blog.

Anchor Text

Another tip is the anchor text, very important– it is a clickable link or a link label that appears highlighted and can be clicked to open a target site or page. The keywords must be related because that way, if someone searches for that keyword, that will put your site higher up on the results on Google. So if you’re looking to get links for your site, figure out what keywords you want to rank higher for.

Surrounding Text

Surrounding text may not nearly as important as anchor text but it is adding more relevance to the page with the link on it.

No Follow VS. Do Follow

A Do Follow link is the typical link we all know about, however, there’s also a thing we call no follow which is like a tag that is basically a notice sign for search engines saying “don’t count this, or Hey! I don’t really trust this website, so don’t give it a value or don’t give it that SEO juice.” We usually see this in the URLs posted in the comments box of a site.

Do Not Do PBNs (Private Blog Network) or Any Black Hat Techniques

Basically, a private blog network is a black hat tactic of using a set of sites under your control to implement links to other sites. Mostly, PBNs are made up from expired domains. They were owned at one time and had content and were abandoned. It is manipulating the search engines. Hidden text, cloaking, and blog comment spam are examples of black hat SEO, so make sure not to do those.
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