Recover WordPress hacked by malware URL injection spam

Recover WordPress hacked by malware URL injection spam. The malware is known to do WordPress spam injection, SEO spam injection attacks, WordPress blackhat spam that injects thousands to hundred of thousands posts into your WordPress.

This method if for those who tried plugins or whatever scanner that doesn’t work and you do not have a working backup. This Nasty Malware is probably called BlackHole.

00:29 To verify whether your WordPress is hacked by url spam malware, bots use site: domain name on Google search. A lot of spam posts will appears..sometimes up to tens of thousands spammposts

01:31 Check all your other websites on the same hosting by using the same command. This malware is capable to infect all websites under the same domain

02:36 From my past experience, The only way to really recover from this is only to delete every single file on your hosting and restoring last known backup without Virus.

OR.. if you forgot to back up ..there is a long process to recover and salvage whatever you have left on your WordPress.

02:58 Follow this method.
1) Use WordPress tool -export post into XML, User cpanel , file manager, Check your wp-uploads/contents to save all your photos and media. Do a check if there are any server side codes, php,aspx ,etc on uploads. There should only be JPG and media files there
2)Delete everything, Reinstall WordPress, use import, post. Next reupload back the wp-uploads/contents

Do a check back after a while periodically , the malware is known to infect websites if the clean up process is NOT DONE properly

09:15 Use the same site:»domain name» command on Google.

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