Robots Now Write and SEO Your Content For You!

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If you’re familiar with at all, you’ll be stoked to find out about the new feature they just introduced with Surfer SEO!

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If you’re NOT familiar with Surfer SEO, it is a tool that helps you optimize your content and now it syncs directly with!

So what does this mean for you? It means that you can create highly optimized SEO content with robots and surfer combined!

Crazy right?

You know what’s even cooler? You don’t ever have to worry about keyword stuffing again OR under optimizing a keyword.

These tools help you find exactly what user intent you need to target which means you can post content that people will actually care about!

These two tools combined are literally the best content creation tools on the net!

Do you have a blog? If so, I highly recommend using these tools to create new content. It’s how Conversion.AI got started and it works for them!

Now that we’ve gone over the basics of surfer SEO and why is excited about this new feature, here are some additional reasons why the Surfer SEO tool is awesome:

-It analyzes your keywords for relevance in real time
-There are no limits on word count or length per post which means there isn’t any pressure on generating content quickly just because you’re busy with other responsibilities like managing social posts or answering emails

00:00:00 Intro
00:00:17 Conversion.AI’s New Feature
00:00:25 What Does Conversion.AI Do?
00:01:02 Links for Conversion.AI and Surfer SEO Special Deals are in Description
00:01:14 Link for Automation Class is in Description
00:01:46 Click on Conversion.AI and Surfer SEO Links in My Website
00:01:56 One Dollar Trial
00:02:05 Account Settings in Conversion.AI
00:02:17 Go to Dashboard
00:02:26 Select Long Form Assistant
00:02:43 Add Title
00:02:51 Add Intro Paragraph
00:03:01 Press Use Open Editor Now
00:03:29 Best Way to Use Conversion.AI
00:04:18 Press Compose
00:04:27 Sign in to SEO Account
00:04:40 It Will Give a Score
00:05:14 Just Need to Add Phrases
00:05:18 Summary
00:05:38 Check My Website to Learn Using this Tools
00:05:46 Outro

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