SEO 101: SEO Basics For Beginners

About Me:

My name is Dresean Ryan and I’ve been doing SEO for 4 years. In my time doing digital marketing, I’ve worked with large companies in many different spaces including finance, info product, insurance, Influencer marketing, and more. Currently I am working a full time job as a SEO Manager but I also have my own personal freelance clients on the side as well as many additional projects that generate me side income. I made this channel to help guide those who are seeking a career in Digital Marketing, and hope to be successful in doing so.

Before I knew anything about Digital Marketing, I worked full time as a security guard and I only made about $11 dollars per hour. I was struggling to pay rent and struggling to pay bills until I stumbled across this career to become a digital marketer. Digital marketing has changed my life and I’d like to do the same for everyone out there.

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