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Having a sound grip on Common SEO Terminologies is very much important to learn SEO. Watch this video and learn about Common SEO Terminologies with Imran. These SEO Terminologies will make it easy for you to learn SEO. Here are 5 Terminologies in SEO, which SEO trainer Imran Shafi is going to explain in this Video. So, watch this video and learn Search Engine Optimization through this SEO Video.

The Search Engine Optimization terminologies which you are going to learn in this SEO video are given here:

– 301 Redirect
– Alt Tag
– Backlink
– Anchor Text
– Black hat SEO

The first one is 301 Redirect. We use 301 redirect to redirect a link when something permanently removed by owner. It is a permanent redirect which passes approximately full link equity to a redirect page.

The next one is ALT Tag, which is a tag which is used to describe an image on your page. We put some text in this tag to tell the audience about what the image is. So, when images are unable to load, the user reads the ALT text to know about the image.

The Anchor text is very much important in SEO. It is the text, which is used to link page to other. For example, you are going to add a link on any page and you use “SEO terminologies” text for linking purposes, and then in this case the term SEO Terminologies will be your anchor text.

Backlink is a link which we create for our website or blog using anchor text. Any link which is pinging back our website would be called the backlink.

Black Hat SEO is a combination of all SEO tricks, which are not allowed by the search engine algorithm. For example, paid links, back linking using software’s, cloaking, low quality links or inappropriate links etc.

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