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In this video, I have explained what is SEO techniques in Tamil, what are the types of SEO techniques in Tamil, white hat SEO technique, black hat SEO technique, Gray hat SEO technique tutorial in Tamil. I hope this video will help you to understand the concept which SEO techniques in most opt-for websites?

SEO techniques are most useful for ranking your website top of the SERP, getting traffic consistently, and getting more backlinks. There are three main types of SEO techniques.

Three types of SEO techniques:

1. Black hat SEO
2. White hat SEO
3. Grey hat SEO

Black hat SEO:

These kinds of practices are totally against the webmaster guidelines. This technique gives temporary traffic not consistent traffic. If any search engine is caught then definitely your website will be punished.

Techniques: Keyword stuffing, text hidden, paid links, cloaking, doorway pages, article spinning, etc.,

White hat SEO

These kinds of practices help any website rank on SERP top and bring traffic consistently. If any website follows white hat SEO techniques then definitely they won’t get punished by search engines.

Techniques: update and fresh content, sharing content on social media, getting links from relevant sources, don’t involve any unethical activities like spamming comments, paid links, etc.,

Grey hat SEO

If any website follows 50% white hat SEO + 50% Black hat SEO is called Grey hat SEO. Those websites rank immediately but are punished by search engines also immediately. It won’t give gradual traffic. It will give short period traffic.

Techniques: paying the amount for links and getting reviews, cloaking, posting negative comments, paid links, private blog networks, etc.,


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