SEO Tutorial for Beginners – Detail SEO Concept

SEO is the most important for rank website in Search Engine. In this SEO tutorial, I’ll show you, the overall SEO concept or SEO technique.

What is SEO? Search Engine Optimization

Types of SEO:
1. On-Page SEO
2. Off-Page SEO

On-Page SEO tutorial:
SEO inside a Website is called On-Page SEO
Set your focus keyword
Create Title and Meta Title (with focus keyword)
Create URL with focus keyword
Description and Meta Description with focus keyword
Set ALT tag in Image with focus keyword
Anchor Tag
Heading and Sub-Heading tag

Types of On-Page SEO:
White Hat SEO(Ethical SEO)
Black Hat SEO(Unethical SEO)

Difference Between «White Hat SEO» and «Black Hat SEO»:
What is White Hat SEO:
White hat SEO techniques: high quality content, website HTML optimization and structured. Which is followed Google guidelines, rules, terms and conditions. It will provide long term good result.

What is Black Hat SEO:
Black hat SEO techniques: link spam, keyword stuffing, cloaking, hidden text, and hidden links. Which is violation of Google guidelines, rules, terms and conditions. It will provide short-term result, but it will get penalty of website.

Off-Page SEO tutorial:
SEO outside a Website is called Off-Page SEO
URL submit in search engines
Google, Bing Webmaster Tool Submission: Add Website and verify, Sitemap Submit, Indexing, Error link remove, etc.
Directory Submission
Blog and Forum Posting
Keyword Research for SEO
Keyword Research is the most important task for SEO.
You may use Google AdWord Keyword Planner. Or
You may use some paid Keyword Research Tool

Some important words and Terms in SEO:
Backlink (Incoming or Inbound Link) (Quality Backlink is Important)
Outbound link
Keyword Stuffing(Black Hat SEO)
Keyword Density
Link Popularity (Based on Quality Incoming or Inbound Link)
Link farm(Black Hat SEO)
Doorway pages(Black Hat SEO)
Cloaking(Black Hat SEO)
Internal Link
Traffic (Traffic mean obtain visitors)(Basically total SEO is Only for Traffic)

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