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In this quick video we’ll look at how to cloak your affiliate links, why your should be using cloaked links, why not cloaking your affiliate links will lose you commissions and most importantly how you can fix this really quickly and easily with a WP link cloaker plugin. Why Affiliate Link Cloaking is important – […]

Learn how to cloak affiliate links the Yoast way using code and without plugins. Creating these easy-to-remember links will make your life easier and you’ll also get the added benefit of not hurting your page ranking. See the entire post and get the necessary script at vallemedia.com/cloak-affiliate-links

What Is Affiliate Link Cloaking | Benefits Of Affiliate Link Cloaking | How To Cloak Affiliate Link Hi Guys, Today we are going to talk about what is affiliate link cloaking and what are the benefits of affiliate link cloaking, and how to cloak an affiliate link. Link cloaking is a process through which you […]