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In diesem Video erklären wir Euch, was man in der Suchmaschinenoptimierung (SEO) unter dem Begriff «Cloaking» versteht. —————————————-­————————– FAIRRANK GmbH Siegburger Straße 215, 50679 Köln —————————————-­————————– Fon: +49 221 992020 —————————————-­————————– Web: http://www.fairrank.de —————————————-­————————– E-Mail: tv@fairrank.de

Prof Melius Weideman on White and Black Hat SEO technologies – two different groups of techniques used to improve website visibility and increase rankings on search engine results. White Hat includes original, relevant content, proper use of keyphrases and high quality inlinks while Black Hat refers to cloaking, link spam, keyword spam and doorway pages […]