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Matt Cutts explains what it means if your site has a manual action labeled as «Pure spam» and what you can do to fix it. Pure spam: https://support.google.com/webmasters/answer/2604777 Find more webmaster resources at http://www.google.com/webmasters/

I started off my SEO career from the Black Hat SEO perspective. Even better, I was part of a Search Engine Hackers team called DarkSeoTeam. We disclosed some serious algorithmic flaws in Google’s system. Black Hat SEO is a tool to achieve results, to rank high on Google. Unless tactics cross over to the hacking […]

How can a website compete for high rankings using only white hat techniques in industries that are dominated by spammers if Google takes months to react to spam reports and by that time new black hat sites are ranking? SurfVoucher, Costa Rica

made with ezvid, free download at http://ezvid.com A presentation on Google Penguin’s Guidelines on Cloaking.

En nuestra newsletter encontrará la información más relevante sobre SEO de los mejores expertos: http://posicionamiento-web.seocoaching.es/YouTube Matt Cutts vuelve, esta vez solo, para explicarnos qué quiere decir la etiqueta de spam puro en el panel de herramientas para webmasters. Cualquier tipo de técnica black hat: encubrimiento, exceso de palabras clave y contenido sin valor añadido. Si […]

Cloaking backlinks is a borderline tactic, but it can obviously be very effective. The concept of cloaking is about presenting something different between the human visitor and GoogleBot. It can include content, links or redirection. The Rapid Fire SEO Question of the day asks how to present a certain link to human visitors while sending […]

The Google Propaganda never really work to scare off SEO professionals. That was until Panda and Penguin penalties came around. Basically, using technical warfare tactics, Google was able to scare off the website owners more effectively with communication tactics instead of algorithmic evolution. It’s simple, after the first Penguin manual filter was launched, planet SEO […]

Cloaking is not strictly a Black Hat SEO tactic. Of course, there is a Google Guidelines compliant way to use cloaking and the other way. Cloaking is a simple technique that allows to present a different page, depending on the user. Traditionally, it is use to present one page to the human user and another […]

Ranking first quickly on Google is the dream of any SEO. If you calibrate your keywords target, integrating the time factor, it will work. I recommend applying this strategy for ranking during 3 months maximum. Trying to rank longer than 3 months increases highly the risks for a Google penalty. I call this tactic « […]

I call this strategy the Trojan horse. It’s a very powerful link building strategy. Build a website profiled to attract backlinks from your target. Figure out a way to solve a problem that will motivate your target to link back to you. Solve problems, then communicate about them. This website will be separated from your […]