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In this episode, Marie discusses the latest in SEO news, including: Possible minor updates on January 27 and February 3, 2020 Is Google dealing with low-quality content even before it gets indexed? More info from Google on the use of affiliate links Is Google suppressing sites that give potentially harmful information about coronavirus GTM verification […]

In this episode of Search Console Training, Daniel Waisberg shows what to do if your site has any Google Search manual actions issued against it. Having manual actions issued can lead to some or all of your site not being shown in Google Search results. List of manual actions → https://goo.gle/3ecHjnW Google’s webmaster guidelines → […]

https://www.SERoundtable.com/ – This week in search I covered one possible answer for how the AdSense and AdWords exploit happened, but Google denied it. Google called algorithm checking tools black hat scrapers. Google confirmed internal and external links are scored differently. Google added more data to the structured data report. Google’s data is 5 days behind […]

Task 77 is a special task about WordPress hack Removal regarding Cloaking – Japanese SEO Spam – A well know blackhat SEO Technique . In this task, I discussed a few things about cloaking. We discussed its types such as : User-Agent Cloaking (Browser/ Bot) IP based cloaking (IP is compromised) JS cloaking (browser/ Server […]