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¿Has oído hablar de encubrimiento de enlaces pero no estás seguro de qué se trata? Suena como algo nefasto o siniestro, pero no lo es. ¿Qué es el encubrimiento de enlaces? El encubrimiento de enlaces es el proceso de disfrazar la URL del enlace de afiliado. Una redirección URL es básicamente una URL ficticia que […]

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What Is Affiliate Link Cloaking | Benefits Of Affiliate Link Cloaking | How To Cloak Affiliate Link Hi Guys, Today we are going to talk about what is affiliate link cloaking and what are the benefits of affiliate link cloaking, and how to cloak an affiliate link. Link cloaking is a process through which you […]

Hello Friends, In this video How To Hide Your Affiliate Links With Link Cloaking. Build Free Cloaker Links. So watch this video till the end. ► Digital Marketing Tips & Tricks Blog By Kishor Sasemahal https://www.kishorsasemahal.com/ 0:00 Introduction 00:43 WordPress Dashboard 01:02 Pretty Links Plugin Install 01:41 Setup Pretty Links 03:08 Copy Links 03:35 Outro […]

Visit http://myprofitplanners.com/pp for more great tips You don’t want to look like a shady, amateur affiliate marketer, so use links that come off your domain! You really need to be tracking your links too, not just hiding your long affiliate links. You can do this using a link tracking tool like clickmagick or linktrackr that […]

In this video we’ll talk about what are cloaked links, how to create them using a free tool and why you should use them, specially when working with affiliate marketing. You might also be intereste in: How to create a T Shirt business with dropshipping / Print on demand in 1 hour – Easy to […]

In this video, I have explained in-dept on what is link cloaking and why it is important to cloak every link. This video is a bit lengthy but I have tried my best to explain it in a simple layman’s language. Link / URL Cloaking is important for every internet marketer but this is a […]

See Full Exclusive Training Here: http://topgunlist.com/URLCloaking URL Cloaking Part 2 – Why Cloak Your URL? This is the 2nd video in the series about a great program that can help you set up and handle all your affiliate links in one destination, whether they be simple redirects, stealth redirects, promo splashers. Want to learn how […]