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How much risk can your SEO withstand? If you have your livelihood tied up in lead generation from your website, or if you have employees, screwing up your SEO can be devastating. If you use «black hat» techniques you risk getting a manual penalty from Google. Is the potential short term gain really worth the […]

If you spot your competitors using black hat techniques, can you report them to Google? Yes, you can report black hat SEO to Google. The problem is, you should not expect a whole heck of a lot to happen. We look at why reporting shady SEO techniques your competitors are using to Google is the […]

If you are new to SEO, and you are wondering what the difference between «white hat» and «black hat» links are, this video is for you. We look at examples of black hat links, and show you what can get you into trouble down the line. SEO for Manufacturers | Lockedown Design & SEO #LockedownSEO […]