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Come join us for episode 8! We go down the rabbit hole of how a basic SEO question led us to one of the most bizarre exploits ever found: Cloaking with Time!

Where there’s the potential to get the top spots in Google, there will be people who abuse how to get there. The top 3 spots in Google get 63% of all traffic for any given search, so it’s no surprise that some will go to great lengths to ensure they’re there. Thanks to the (very) […]

http://marketing.ourchurch.com/ To get a better ranking in the search engines, people tend to perform SEO «sins.» In this video OurChurch.Com explains the difference between SEO Black and White Hats and what works and what doesn’t. We’d be happy to talk with you personally about how we can help you with SEO and help you achieve […]

http://marketing.ourchurch.com You may have heard of black hat SEO and how dangerous it is. Black hat SEO can get you banned from Google! But what exactly is Black hat SEO? In this video we’ll go over some black hat SEO tactics that you absolutely should avoid when doing SEO. At OurChurch.Com we offer only white […]

http://marketing.ourchurch.com/ Black hat techniques are things that break the rules set up by the search engines. They can result in sites being penalized or even banned from the search engines. Learn about some of the common black hat techniques and how to avoid them in this interesting video from Mark and Kurt Steinbrueck with OurChurch.Com […]