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To make sure that Googlebot can crawl your website without any problems, there is some stuff you have to take care about, like your web hosting. Do you have a great service or do you have one that costs you 2$/month with 200 other websites on the same server as yours? What about the bots […]

There’s so many times when cloaking is appropriate but in Google’s eyes, is it ever justified ? When you go over the line, it’s because you touched one single element of the content. But if you only touch the internal linking, the structure of the website, you can do, for example, a mobile version and […]

Since Google came out with the Search Console and advised to upload an XML SiteMap file, nobody cares about old school HTML SiteMap. We got news for you, if you believed XML SiteMap has any kind of value for SEO. It might help you control website health in the Search Console, but won’t help you […]