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David Harry, one of the most important pioneers in SEO, shares his 20 years experience in the latest cognitiveSEO Talks: https://cognitiveseo.com/blog/18466/david-harry/ Main Takeaways: 1. Forensics SEO is essentially like Sherlock Holmes used to say: “Once you’ve eliminated what it can’t be, whatever remains must be the truth”. It’s a process of figuring things out. 2:28 […]

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In this video, I have explained what is SEO techniques in Tamil, what are the types of SEO techniques in Tamil, white hat SEO technique, black hat SEO technique, Gray hat SEO technique tutorial in Tamil. I hope this video will help you to understand the concept which SEO techniques in most opt-for websites? SEO […]

http://palatnikfactor.com/2007/10/23/seo-black-hat-brain-vs-white-hat-brain-pic/ see the link before and check out the full analysis of the black hat seo vs. the white hat seo where a few people in the industry put in their insights and we came up with the images of black hat vs. white hat seo strategies.

Do you know there are thousands of people who make lots of money using SEO black hat techniques? Here are 4 black hat techniques that still work in 2021. Join India’s best affiliate marketing course Affiliate Junction 2.0 https://dmaticdigital.com/affiliate-junction/ Make Fast Money with Mini Sites Complete SEO Series 9 Best Work from Home Jobs during […]

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