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Support the channel: https://seo.video/merch SEO Video Show: Episode 019 – Greg Gifford – VP @ SearchLab – Local SEO Expert, SEO Speaker & Local SEO TUE Host. Goodbye Google Webmasters, hello Google Search Central; Consolidating the blogs https://webmasters.googleblog.com/2020/11/goodbye-google-webmasters.html | https://developers.google.com/search/blog Timing for bringing page experience signals to Google Search is set for May 2021. The […]

https://www.SERoundtable.com/ – This week Google may have pushed another algorithm update, this one targeting black hat link spam. Google’s Maccabees updates may have hit many celebrity web sites. Google said they hope to communicate more about algorithm updates in 2018. Google said most SEOs don’t know when unnatural links work or don’t work. Google said […]

https://www.SERoundtable.com/ – This week in search I covered one possible answer for how the AdSense and AdWords exploit happened, but Google denied it. Google called algorithm checking tools black hat scrapers. Google confirmed internal and external links are scored differently. Google added more data to the structured data report. Google’s data is 5 days behind […]